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My Mario Kart's friend code

Hi everyone
Just posting here my MK friend code so people can challenge me : 425261 791105

Some recent time trial records:
- Figure 8 circuit : 1:19:948
posted by Shoryu [2005-12-05 22:25:06]

dsWifi initial documentation released
Stephen Stair (aka sgstair) has finally released his documentation about wifi on DS . It will likely be completed in the future but you can find what's done here :
posted by Shoryu [2005-10-29 15:07:39]

SnesDS compatibility list !
Hi !
As some of you know , Loopy released a port of his SnesAdvance emulator for DS . You can grab it at his website here. Given that great news I decided to make a compatibility list to SnesDS to find out what games work. Everyone can add a game now but please don't abuse.

You can find the list here :

Thanks !
posted by Shoryu [2005-07-14 13:06:44]

New Project !
Hey, i've just released the first public version of my new project : Dual Step Revolution. It's a music game based on DDR. All info avalaible on the projects page. Enjoy
posted by Shoryu [2005-05-14 05:21:54]

New tutorial/faq
Hey, I've uploaded some tutorial/faq i've just made . One is a general FAQ for homebrew newbies, the second one is a quick tutorial on how to use gfx2gba. Since i was having an hard time at the beginning (i couldn't find any faq at all), I hope it will help people who are new to this. If you have any suggestions find me on IRC. Thanks
posted by Shoryu [2005-05-12 01:21:12]

Save Me
Save me is not a new way to boot homebrew , it is my current project , this game will be about reflexes and dexterity. In this game you're a doctor and you will have to take care of your patients (yeah it's like caduceus). The first demo is available at the project page, so it would be nice if you give it a try ^^.
posted by Shoryu [2005-05-03 01:41:41]

Project page is up ^^
As the title says, my project page is up , and you will be able to find there info and download about my upcoming projects.
posted by Shoryu [2005-05-03 01:35:33]

Blog opens !
Hello everyone , Given the great stuff from the NDS dev community, I decided to make a new website which will be exclusively dedicated to NDS gaming and developpement news. I will also host my future projects here.
posted by Shoryu [2005-04-29 18:43:45]